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Adaptation of neutral pen
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Lithium ester is located in neutral pen end, for organic materials sealed tube gel ink ink. The traditional oil ball pen can not be filled with lithium ester, due to the oil ball pen ink embarrassing transpiration material, basically there is no ball point pen due to solvent evaporation caused by the advertising pen ink thicken or dry. The neutral ink pen perfusion for pigment water - low carbon alcohol suspension, long-term exposed to solvent dry transpiration easy to attack in the air, then the ink stick to the normal writing; the other, neutral ink low viscosity will attack back in the ink tube, also to prevent lithium ester ink backflow effect. Lithium based ester should be neutral and neutral ink pen does not dissolve, the interface is clear, does not appear cloudy scene, and after the installation of the ink tube bubble centrifugal removal. Lithium ester as polyorganosiloxane compounds, water immiscible, is oily, high and low temperature stability, not frozen, -20 C 80 C does not overflow, transpiration, with excellent thixotropic fluidity. Lithium ester excellent neutral pen in the case of large temperature changes, still maintain a good moisture sealing, prevent ink transpiration or back overflow; in fast writing, follow up for the hanging wall, lighter, until the ink completely.

Now on the market neutral pen kinds according to written, stainless steel, nickel Cupronickel, brass ball; according to different materials, can be divided into tungsten carbide balls, modified ceramic ball beads; according to the written structure is not the same, but also for the bullet, gourd head, needle top. In recent years, the neutral ink refill tube diameter change greatly, showing the diameter from 2.0mm to 7.0mm between the different ink ink perfusion tube, large diameter graphite tube increased from 0.5g/ to 2.0g/ the original, single writing length increased from 400-500m to nearly 2000m, the pen Naimo and sealed lithium ester with the following functions are put forward higher request.

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