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The nature of the neutral pen pen core processing oil
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1, neutral pen to carry convenient, inexpensive, longer time.

2, writing is also very comfortable feel, ink viscosity is relatively low, and increase the number of easy to lubricate the material, so more than ordinary oil ball pen smoother.

3, the nature of the ink used between the water-based pen and oil pen, save time longer than the water pen, water is not easy to open.

4, low cost, color varieties: its appearance, writing, and other costs of ballpoint pens similar to produce blue, black, red and refills of different grades according to the demand of the market.

Properties of neutral pen oil:

1) ink versatility, can be widely with the pen, to better the function of writing, in order to become a very good supporting commercial pen factory.

2) ink should have corresponding false shrinkage and viscosity of ink stamp degeneration, intermittent function to long, longer time to reach the hat.

3) ink to reach certain fineness, with less than gap ball and tee, and have strong ability to prevent clogging and lax, affect the writing pen.

4) the stability of the ink is stronger, and it can be written in a certain room temperature.

(5) the length of writing is satisfied, that is, a tube of ink can draw a longer line on the marking machine.

Neutral pen manufacturers with the pen core processing technology of high quality, welcome new and old customers come to visit and negotiate business!

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